Welcome to Niche Blog Mentor

Welcome to Niche Blog Mentor!  The goal of this blog is to mentor new and existing niche bloggers by sharing tutorials, tips, and tricks needed to get a niche blog started and how to grow it!

Everyone has their own goals when creating a blog.  Maybe you have some knowledge to share and are looking for an interested audience.  Maybe you are looking for a creative outlet, or maybe you just aim to be famous.  Or maybe even you’re looking to get some extra income.  While all goals are valid, and each goal has a different methodology in reaching it, here at Niche Blog Mentor we favour constant organic growth in order to build a strong long-lasting web community.  There are plenty of sites covering get rich quick schemes, and this will never be one of them.

What is a Niche Blog?

One of the blog posts I have in mind will go in more detail on this question, but very simply put, a niche blog is a blog on a very specific subject.

Why I created this blog

I was about 3 years old when we got our first computer, a Coleco Adam Z80.  I learned how to type before learning how to write in cursive, and here we are over 30 years later.

I have been creating content in the online world since a time when 3.5″ 1.44mb floppy disk drives were the norm for backing up your files.  First I dabbled in BBSes and finally made my way to the web in the mid 1990s.  I created many websites back on the olde days, some for myself, and some as a web designer.  Fast forward in 2015 and I am still creating content online.

I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience over my 20 years or so online, and figured the time was right to share it with the world, and help out other bloggers.  When I started mentoring other bloggers, I realized that much of the advice I gave was universal, so I figured a blog to share some of those universal bits of wisdom would be a great way to share my knowledge.