Starting a Niche Blog

What your niche blog expects from you

As the old saying goes: “Ask not what your blog can do for you; ask what you can do for your blog!” In the previous post we discussed What to Expect From Your Niche Blog. In this post, we will turn the table around and see what you will be doing to make your blog the best in its niche. Every blogger has their own rules of self-discipline they try to follow. Some try to create new content every month, every week, every day, or even multiple times a day. But being a blogger is more than writing witty content. There’s promotion, relationships building, maintaining the blog, and a ton of other things which need to be taken care of. We’ll dive deeper into all those subjects in future posts, but for now lets do an introduction to what your blog expects from you.

What Your Niche Blog Expects From You!

Starting and running a successful blog can be a lot of work and a big responsibility. Basically, the more effort you put into your blog, the more rewarding the experience will be. At the same time, the more popular your blog will become, the more demanding your audience will be. From refining your idea and giving it an amazing name, to setting up your blog and registering for many social media platforms, a lot of effort goes into getting your blog going. Then comes the part everyone is anticipating: writing amazing content! Finally you will have to grow your audience. If a writer writes a blog on a website nobody reads, are they still a writer?

Starting a Niche Blog Is a lot Like Starting a Business!

Before you even get close to writing your first post, you can expect to spend anywhere between 10 and 80 plus hours to create your blog. Once you have decided the general subject your blog will be about, you need to come up with a name, a website address, choose the platform you will be using, find a web host, setup social media accounts, and much more. The awesome news is I will be writing posts covering all of these subjects, so my guidance will never be far away.

Where Is a Blogger’s Time Spent?

Each blog post usually goes through a series of steps or phases before becoming part of the blogosphere. The first phase is the conception: what will you write in today’s post, and how will you approach the subject? This needs a bit of research, both for the content, and for the metadata: what is the most compelling way to title your post to bring you the traffic you’re looking for? What keywords should you use? The second phase is the actual process. Now that you know what you’ll be writing about, you have to sit down and write it. Lastly, once your content is published, you need to publicize it. This is where social media will come in.

It’s Easy to Get Lost in Your Niche Blog!

Sometimes it will be 3am and you will be trying to put the final touches to a blog post before going to bed. Other times you will wake up at 5am with a great idea that just can’t wait. Blogging isn’t all about sipping an overly expensive coffee at your favourite coffee shop. But then again, sometimes it is!

Finding the Right Balance!

Finding the right balance for your niche blog is both a difficult and rewarding experience. While blogging is extremely fun and can sometimes even be addicting, don’t forget that you have friends and family outside of the virtual world you are creating. You may be watching TV with your family, and all of a sudden, you get a Facebook notification! The temptation is huge to drop everything to answer that question as quickly as possible. You use your cellphone, tablet or computer to find out what it’s about, most usually whichever device is closest to you. Someone just asked a question. Do you drop everything you’re doing to answer them? Or do you put down the device and answer them once your family quality time is over? It is important to sometimes unhook yourself from the computer. You’ll be refreshed and revitalized, and it’ll make you an ever better blogger.

Don’t Forget to Sharpen Your Tools!

Your blog’s biggest asset is yourself. While that may initially seem like a lot of weight on your shoulders, thankfully you don’t have to do it alone! There are plenty of resources available to help you sharpen your tools: a myriad of books and blogs to help you become a better blogger, including this one. Try to learn from others who have earned their blogging badge, especially those who are willing to share what worked and what didn’t work. What works for someone might not work for another, but the more you learn about blogging, the more tools you will have to overcome problems.